Robert Lonsdorfer

CEO, Hundred X



Robert is the co-founder and CEO of HundredX based in Dubai.

His career stretches from C-level positions in financial services such as UBS Switzerland through senior executive consulting for entities such as the largest sovereign wealth fund to serial entrepreneurship in an award-winning startup.

Robert brings his immense experience in traditional stock and crypto markets to HundredX to combine the best of both worlds.

He is passionate about innovation and education to help people make the right trade-offs when planning for a bright future.



Presentation title:
Investing 3.0


Presentation abstract:

Throughout history, we have experienced many financial crises which have often led to disastrous consequences for those with little to no knowledge of markets.

Despite this fact, only a few states took the necessary steps to reform their educational system to improve financial savviness.

At the edge of cryptocurrencies, this fact is truer than ever, and the mission of our community is to educate and equip everyone with the skills and tools needed to invest wisely.

Even though we live in uncertain times, we have also never lived with less risk. That may sound weird coming out of the pandemic that disrupted our lives.

But there is a big difference between risk and uncertainty. Risk can be managed, and as a company, we have built the expertise to help everyone navigate strategies to do so; uncertainty demands greater flexibility. That’s important when making decisions like buying a house, changing jobs, having a baby, retiring, or investing in traditional and crypto-assets.




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