Arvin Khamseh

Internationally Known NFT Marketing Expert, Sold Out NFTs



Arvin Khamseh has always been at the forefront of new tech trends with an impressive history in biohacking, and internet marketing.

Combining this with his experience in running investor relationship marketing for public companies, Arvin knows what it takes to attract investors online. Successfully selling out an Italian artist collection in 2021 was a proof of concept to apply his knowledge in investor relationship marketing to NFT marketing.

Since then, Khamseh has consulted with 400+ NFT brands and has agency partnerships with Reddit, Twitter, Quora, and Meta. His two largest NFT projects, Sands Vegas Casino Club and Meta Legends, both sold out. The Sands project made +$5m in 20 hours and the Meta project made an astonishing +$10m in 20 hours. Most recently, Arvin helped Women of Crypto hit #1 on Icy. tools and is the #1 trending on Opensea.

Arvin is excited to help lead the conversation around NFTs and is a highly sought-after guest featured in media around the world (including recent features in USA Today and Entrepreneur.) Some of his scheduled appearances include The Nifty Show, New To Crypto and The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast, and Jordan Belfort’s The Wolf’s Den. Khamseh is also a featured speaker at the high-profile Blockchain Fest events coming up in both Cyprus and Singapore.


Presentation title:
How to Sellout an NFT Collection in 7 minutes


Presentation abstract:

I have consulted with more than 400 NFT brands, and some of the questions I get asked most often are “how do brands open their Twitter with a GM tweet and get 10K to people follow them right away?”

“How does a brand open their Discord and have 10k people rush into joining on the first day, while others struggle to hit those member numbers even 30 days into their launch?”

The purpose of this high impact talk is to solve the mystery around marketing NFTs and to help the audience prepare for how NFT marketing is changing as far as methodologies and compliance on social media platforms.”