David Sichinava

CEO, Lambda Games



David has been part of the Tech Industry for 20+ years. During his Masters’ at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, in parallel he was working as a Software developer on OS virtualization and navigation systems. From 2008 till 2012 he became actively involved in one of the best reforms made in the history of independent Georgia: Georgian public services digitization project in the Civil Registry Agency. This reform revolutionized perception and daily practical life of receiving public services for Georgian citizens and not only.

Since 2012, he is a CEO at Lambda games: A team of software engineers with 20+ years’ experience. For the better part of the last decade they have been developing iGames for all sorts of casinos. With accumulated substantial knowledge, David and his team are currently working on a revolutionizing project stating that NFT and Crypto can actually disrupt a Gambling industry, putting decentralization in it.

2013-2018 David was in the Global Shapers Community with the World Economic Forum, attended Davos Annual Meeting in 2016. Since 2010 he is the Captain of the team on quiz show 

“What? Where? When?”. He won a Crystal Owl Award as “the best thinker of the year” in 2014.



Presentation title:
How NFT and Crypto Disrupts Gambling Industry


Presentation abstract:

Real decentralization in Gambling industry: how does web3.0 change the rules of the game for casinos, game developers and users.