Dr Goran Segedinac

Director of project development, Headmade



Dr Goran Segedinac is director of project development in Headmade communications agency, where he works on strategic development for different clients in the areas of banking services, insurance, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, oil industry, automotive industry, and retail.

His Ph.D. thesis „New Horizons in Urban Planning: Internet as participatory space“, highlights the main advantages of blockchain technology as a basis for participatory platforms that improve the quality of life in cities and local communities.

He is one of co-founders of the Web3Balkan community, where he puts focuses on education about the Web3 core principles, NFT project branding, and trading.

He provides consulting services to art and gaming NFT projects. He is a proud collector of digital artists such as Pak, Del, Coldie, and Sterling Crispin, as well as nifties like Akuma Origins, Loser Club, Mev Army, Med Rabbits Riot Club, and others.



Presentation title:
Is there life after mint: how to recognize quality NFT projects?


Presentation abstract:

The topic deals with the structural analysis of the most successful NFT projects and introduces the key parameters that create the value regardless of trends. What makes one collection successful? Is it art, smart contract mechanics, or something else?

Also, through the review of an existing NFT project example, we detect the methods for the evaluation of relevance and credibility in upcoming NFT projects and learn how to take the necessary steps before we decide to make an investment.