Christian Gleich

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer & Futurist, OneBigWave



Christian Gleich is the International Ambassador to the European Blockchain Association (EBA) and Chief Strategy Officer & Futurist at OneBigWave. He looks back on more than 20 years of digital expertise. Christian held executive positions at AOL/Oath/Verizon and Innovation/Digital agencies, expanded XaaS companies with new entities globally, and established widely recognized corporate partnerships. Amongst those is the one between Samsung (Galaxy) and Angry Birds (Space) where he holds the Guinness® world record for the biggest product launch ever – streamed from the ISS. He features many years of experience in venture building, scaling startups, and corporate-startup ventures.

He is an investor, advisor, mentor, and jury member of the Unicorn Startup Challenge and Cup, the largest global startup pitch contest. Christian is the CEO, co-founder, and owner of companies with a digital focus on innovative products and cutting-edge technology. As the Ambassador of the European Blockchain Association, he is a specialist and internationally renowned speaker for Blockchain, web3, and Metaverse-related topics which includes creating and validating relevant use cases. Right now he’s building a live-experience Digital Asset ecosystem.


Presentation title:
The Metaverse – why, when, how and WOW?!



Presentation abstract:

Is the Metaverse there yet? Does it already exist? What will it look like?This presentation will shed light on the present and future use cases, give insights into strategic do´s and don´ts, and will highlight the status quo and latest developments from different industries and production angles.“