Dr. Naveen Singh

CEO, Inery



Dr. Naveen Singh Suhag is making his mark at a global level in multiple fields ranging from sports to technological entrepreneurship.

An avid sportsman, Dr. Singh has, since his college days, brought laurels in Olympic-style wrestling with the unique distinction of representing India as well as Switzerland at international-level wrestling competitions.

Having studied at various prestigious institutions like Hansraj College of Delhi University in India & Zurich University in Switzerland, Dr. Naveen finished his doctorate in Sports Science with research papers published in internationally reputed journals.

In the field of healthcare, his personal experience & exposure to sports injury rehabilitation inspired him to open a unique rehabilitation system. This is put in practice with their debut clinic set up in Montenegro, Europe. Subsequently, a second clinic of the chain by name of “Orthocure” has been initiated in Dubai, UAE with future plans to expand into the rest of the world.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Singh is currently the Executive Director of Global, at Mediquai, Zurich, a unique Swiss start-up that aims at facilitating HNI’s from all over the world to come to Switzerland to avail the medical treatment of Swiss standards.

Dr. Singh has been at the forefront of harnessing the benefits of Blockchain technology. Along with his team, he has developed the “www.inery.io” Blockchain, where he serves as a co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer).


Presentation title:
Facilitating the shift – Web2 to Web3



Presentation abstract:

As Brave is gaining popularity, and Chrome is losing it, as Audius is catching up with Spotify, as Odysee is taking viewers over from YouTube, as Presearch provides an alternative to data-invasive Google, it becomes more and more apparent that users are not happy with the web2 space.

Their readiness to move to web3 could only be hindered by the fact that this major shift lacks solid infrastructure solutions – making all of these amazing solutions essentially centralized. So how can we facilitate the shift from web2 to web3?

Creating a decentralized infrastructure ecosystem, ensuring data storage, database management, as well as transactions are all on decentralized solutions.