Marcello Mari

CEO, SingularityDAO



Marcello Mari is the CEO and founder of SingularityDAO, a blockchain protocol designed to manage portfolios of crypto assets in a non-custodial fashion.

Under his management, SingularityDAO has grown to a team of 40+ members and has successfully shipped 2 product iterations in less than one year.

Prior to that Marcello was the lead PR director at the SingularityNET foundation, managing several of the world’s leading crypto PR firms, and was ultimately responsible for making Sophia the Robot a worldwide celebrity.

Marcello is also responsible for coordinating the first ever NFT artwork collaboration between a human (Andrea Bonaceto) and an Artificial Intelligence (Sophia the Robot). The collection, featuring his portrait, collected over 1.4mln USD.

He began his career in Marketing in London where he was also a regular contributor to TechCrunch, Wired Italy, and several other startup-focused Italian publications. The Guardian has also featured his research work.

Marcello has also been a speaker at TEDx on two occasions and featured by CNN for his work in conjunction with blockchain and AI.


Presentation title:
How can AI be used to innovate in the Defi space?



Presentation abstract:

AI is a buzzword thrown around a lot recently. In the crypto space, it is most often tagged onto projects that use simple trading bots that run simple buy/sell commands. At SingularityDAO we do things a bit differently – we use large data pipelines including social media sentiment analysis and on-chain data scraping alongside input from quants and other machine learning experts to build accurate and effective models for price prediction, as we have proven in the beta tests of our indexes of tokens – ‘DynaSets’ – reliably beating the underlying assets by a large margin every month since inception.

As we are a good-sized team of 40+ people and are a very agile company in uncharted waters this gives us a lot of room to innovate, and the team is passionate about AI-DeFi and how this combination can allow everybody, not just the millionaires, to have portfolio management that exceeds the performance of other funds in a non-custodial manner AND also use the interoperability of DeFi to make extra passive income with the utility of the DynaSet tokens, for example as collateral for lending protocols

I believe this is what makes us able to redefine what it is to manage your crypto assets, true smart money. And as the AI we use is true AI the models will get better over time and react to market and social changes better than other fake AI tools can, and the results are already speaking for themselves.