Omrei Abu Madi

Founder & CTO, Vverse



Omrei Abu Madi is a Palestinian entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in programming, artificial intelligence, metaverse, blockchain, and travel technology.
Founder and CTO of VVerse, Omrei works on harnessing his expertise and years of skill in creating technological solutions for the good of the world. CEO and founder of V Booking, Founder of PiPhi.Ai

Earned the award for the best stand within travel tech at Arab Travel Market Dubai 2022.

Outside of his entrepreneurial duties, Omrei is an avid traveler and loves discovering the world, meeting new people, and experiencing their culture.

He believes in the power of today, for shaping the world of tomorrow.


Presentation title:
Metaverse unlocked: Onboard the Metaverse today with VVerse



Presentation abstract:

The founders of VVerse, Omrei Abu Madi and Christopher Quet, have chosen TOMORROW conference to announce the official launch of the VVerse public beta.

VVerse offers a fully customizable, turnkey metaverse solution allowing you to quickly and easily create and monetize your own branded virtual world.

With a live demo of how anyone can set up their profile, and start building and customizing their own metaverse dimension within minutes, with easy-to-use tools that require no coding.

Users from all fields and horizons can seize the opportunity and start onboarding, today, a metaverse with real-world use:

  • Businesses

Showcasing modular tools serving multiple industries with advanced features for real-world metaverse use, VVerse is offering the world what it needs to build, connect, interact, and generate revenue within its ecosystem, earning through value.

  • Freelancers, content creators, 3D modelers

Joining the V Studio academy program, adding new services to your portfolio

  • Influencers and communities

Grow your engagement, and discover new ways to monetize your reach with our rent space feature

  • Users

Discover limitless worlds to engage, enjoy, interact, shop, and enrich your digital life

Join VVerse at their booth and have your hands-on experience with onboarding in the new digital era.