Vas Modinos

Founder, Blockready



Vas Modinos is an IT professional with over 22 years of experience in technical consulting & sales for enterprise-sized Fortune 500 companies. He spent the last 18 years of his career at Microsoft, leading and orchestrating large-scale, complex cloud solution discussions and driving competitive direction through a relationship-based approach.

He is also a blockchain, crypto, and web3 enthusiast and has been engaged in blockchain and crypto research for more than seven years. He has been a consistent early adopter in this space and learned the hard way! He founded Blockready to help individuals and companies fast-track their blockchain and crypto education and avoid his “early adopter” mistakes!


Presentation title:
Blockchain & crypto Education – Accelerate your learning and avoid costly mistakes



Presentation abstract:

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are among the most important technological advancements since the internet because they revolutionize transactions in the same way the internet changed communication. Nevertheless, many of us are putting off learning about crypto because it seems too difficult to understand and feels too dangerous to navigate alone. Are you interested in learning about blockchain and crypto but don’t know where to start? Perhaps, you found yourself sorting through hundreds of unreliable sources that are often poorly researched, incomplete, out of date, or simply aim to misinform! This session will discuss how you can accelerate your learning about this space without going through a painful learning process or making costly mistakes. You will learn how to avoid information overload and how to understand crypto and blockchain in the fastest and safest way.