Victoria Pallot

CEO and co-founder, Musicia



She is a qualified headteacher and she has been teaching for 18 years. Victoria is passionate about quality education that adapts to meet the changing needs and interests of young people. Her company XRdoge is a meme coin that aims to be the friendly face of educational reform.

She trains future leaders and takes this responsibility very seriously. Future leaders, in education, need to be emotionally intelligent and genuinely care about and understand the needs of every young person.

She is passionate about providing families with the opportunity to learn how to improve their quality of life so that the day count and memories are made. Her social enterprise project educates and supports families to achieve this.

From the classroom to crypto is her story. Victoria’s passion for quality and purposeful education has not changed, only now she can speak on a stage, and her aim to disrupt the current model is going global.

Victoria’s passion for equality expands to musicians. The music industry needs to change and the balance is tipped back in favor of creatives. Her company Musician has a music NFT platform that will achieve this.


Presentation title:
Power to the Musicians



Presentation abstract:

The music industry needs to change; to rebalance corporate and creative wealth inequality, and provide a new creative economy for music artists

of every level. Let’s explore how blockchain technology will disrupt this industry and bring back power to musicians.