Dušan Kovačević

Founder and CEO, EXIT



Founder of world-famous EXIT festival (SRB) as well as Sea Dance festival (MNE), Sea Star festival (CRO), Revolution festival (RO), No Sleep festival (SRB) and others.

EXIT festival, founded by Kovačević, is one of the best-known festivals in the world. It has been awarded on several occasions as Best European Festival (2007, 2013 and 2017), and has graced the pages of almost every influential worldwide media such as CNN, BBC, Time, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Sun, Forbes, Daily Mail, Independent, Euronews, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post and many more.

EXIT has thus far attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists to Novi Sad, bringing more than 200 million euros in profit to local economy while expecting to at least double those numbers in the next decade. Along with the contribution to Serbian tourism, EXIT has significantly contributed to Serbia’s and Balkan’s image promotion all around the globe.

In 2015 Kovačević became the youngest person ever to receive a February award, given by the city of Novi Sad as the most significant recognition to extraordinary individuals who have contributed positively to the city. And in 2021he was named one of the most influential people in the European live music industry by the famous American magazine Pollstar. He is also the initiator of numerous social activism and humanitarian projects which led to the shift in attitudes of the decision makers and general public, instigating positive social changes in Serbia and in the whole region.


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