Frank Fitzgerald

Founder & CTO,



Frank Fitzgerald is a thought leader in the Metaverse, with a deep rooted technical background, and always at the cutting edge of innovation. With this and his knowledge of the social perspective of emerging technologies, Frank truly stands out as a visionary keynote speaker.


Frank is the founder of which is an award winning web 3.0 metaverse platform ran by a DAO. Offering advanced audio, video and chat features as well as life-like avatars. was recognized as the best Metaverse project of the year 2022 at the AIBC Summit in Dubai. Beating established projects including Decentraland and Sandbox.


With a wall street background in asset management, Frank has a long track record in building dynamic technology teams which break the traditional mould by moving past the computer and applying innovation.



The melding of metaverse

Interoperability in the metaverse

What’s it like to build a metaverse

How does AI play a part in the metaverse

How centralised should a decentralised metaverse be

Where will the metaverse will be in 2030

How to build within the metaverse

Blockchain security and the biggest problems

How to navigate the daily changes in blockchain technology


Recent speaking engagements

7th March 2022 – Metaweek Dubai – Where the metaverse has been and where it’s going

8th March 2022 – Metaweek Dubai – Panel discussing Decentralization and the Metaverse

21st March 2022 – AIBC Dubai – Interoperability of the Metaverse.


Upcoming engagements

13th May 2022 – TMRW/CONF Belgrade – Panel discussion, “Where is the Metaverse taking us to?”

22nd May 2022 – World Economic Forum Davos.



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Your panel 🙂 Entering the Metaverse part 1: Where is the Metaverse taking us to?


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