Gary Teh

Contributor, TrueSight DAO



Gary is a technologist based in Silicon Valley for the past decade. During his time in Silicon Valley, Gary was first tech lead and then head of growth for one of the largest social networks in the K12 Education Technology Space where he helped the platform from 10 million registered users to 100 million registered users.

He has spent the past 4 years doing research on how to solve the problem of information pollution. That was when he chanced upon the DAO framework and has spent the past year building up TrueSight DAO which now compromises of close to 200 high impact contributors around the world.



Presentation title:
Discovering product market fit using a DAO governance framework


Presentation abstract:

Right now DAOs are mainly utilized for fundraising purposes. In the case of DAOs which governs products/protocols with actual utility, they go through a highly centralized phase prior to achieving product market fit before shifting towards gradual decentralization once products/protocols traction and scaling has been achieved. 

In this talk, I would like to share how we did the exact opposite by being decentralized from day one and utilizing our governance framework incentivize DAO members to contribute our way to product market fit.





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