Josip Vlah

NFT & Metaverse Lead,  Rezolut



Creative Strategist, advisor and NFT & Metaverse lead at Rezolut with multiple years of experience in Augmented Reality, Immersive Technologies and Experiential Marketing.

Working on bridging the gap between the traditional brands, web3 and onboarding new users to the realms of NFT & Metaverse with Rezolut.

I am also deeply involved in digital fashion where I am a Founder and Creative Director of THE D-8.XYZ which is a stealth based digital fashion startup combining physical and digital garments, dresses through Augmented Reality and Web3.

Brands and Corporations tend to dive in to new technologies without fully understanding the possibilities. We have seen this happening with the AR craze of PokémonGo and we are seeing this even more in the NFT & Metaverse space.

Those two words have become the new buzzwords in the business world and not a lot of brands and corporations understand them and know how to create a proper strategy around them.


Presentation title:
Utilization of NFT’s & Metaverse in Corporate / Brand World.

Presentation abstract:

We will talk about possibilities and use-cases in the NFT & Metaverse space ranging from Augmented Reality implementation, Virtual Venues and Concerts, bridge between the physical and digital and more. Showcasing amazing new possibilities and worlds which can be created.

Aped in for the vibes. Stayed for the culture. – Josip Vlah