Marko Suvajdzić

Director of Blockchain Lab, University of Florida



Marko is a diverse thinker with 20+ years of achievement in academia and the creative digital research and production space.

His experience includes a range of digital startups and educational projects from artificial Intelligence-intensive video game titles for major corporate clients to co-founding five of his startups. Marko is the Associate Director of Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida, an Associate Professor in Digital Arts and Sciences, and the director of UF Blockchain Lab.

Marko’s work has been featured at Talks at Google, TedX Salon, and he was a keynote speaker at the world’s premier Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. He has lectured internationally at schools and conferences in the U.S.A., U.K., India, Serbia, China, Australia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Norway, and Japan.


Presentation title:
Blockchain Art, Art about Blockchain, and Blockchain facilitated Art Markets


Presentation abstract:
Exploring the blockchain as a subject, method, and medium, the world of art has embarked on a voyage of technological discovery unlike any other to date.

So far, blockchain technology has been embraced by leaders in finance, computer sciences, transportation, bookkeeping, and others, to bring efficiency, transparency, and added value to their products and services.

The artworld is exploring blockchain technology as well, experimenting with it as an art medium, creating art pieces that comment on it, and embracing it as a whole new way to revolutionize how art is being tracked, purchased, and sold.