Nenad Gligorić

Technical lead, IOTA Foundation


Nenad is a technical lead for IOTA projects in the Telco & Infrastructure, Market adoption. He acts as a project lead for the oversight, design and lead of the implementation of IOTA software solutions for various projects.

Before IOTA, Nenad was working in industry for various companies including Ericsson, where he was engaged as a system engineer, and DunavNET as a researcher on innovation projects. He also held a position of associate professor from 2016-2021. He published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


Presentation title:
IOTA Blockchain for DeFi, NFTs and DAOs


Presentation abstract:
Transaction costs, scalability, interoperability and centralization are still issues that persist throughout the blockchain space. IOTA has engineered a feeless, decentralized, open-source data and value exchange protocol.

To connect the first billion users to our decentralized economies, IOTA Foundation is launching a Shimmer and an Assembly open network to build and connect open worlds. The network will be a flourishing ecosystem of purpose-built smart contract chains and dApps that are able to seamlessly interact through a feeless and highly scalable base layer.

The unique technical foundation of Assembly is a launchpad for new innovations in DeFi, NFTs and DAOs that were previously held back by the limitations of a blockchain.