Sara Popov

Art Lead,



Sara Popov is a contemporary artist focusing on creating visual solutions for the Metaverse. She went from doing traditional sculpting to 3D character art in gaming. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to realize that the natural evolution of her work would bring her to the Metaverse where her skill set finds a natural home.


She is currently leading an art team that is developing creative solutions for one of the fastest growing visual platforms, the Metaverse. In this specific case – From the original core team of five that built this platform from scratch, she has helped to evolve the talent pool to nearly ten times its size.


Sara’s hard work, determination and dedication to enhanced aesthetics has paid off and she has been dubbed “The Head of making stuff look pretty” at



Presentation title:
The art of Art in the Metaverse


Presentation abstract:

Sara Popov is a contemporary artist who is heavily influenced by clean form and minimalist design. She started working in traditional clay sculpture before taking this to a new level in 3D character art. She worked in the gaming industry before moving to the Metaverse.


Which in itself has raised some philosophical questions. What is art? What is craft? And more importantly what does this mean in the digital age.


In her fascinating talk we will go on a journey exploring these ideas and how they are already setting up historical challenges of what it means to be an artist or a craftsman. Is this going to be a brave new world opening up opportunities for brilliant creatives? Or is history going to repeat itself and are we looking at a pre-renaissance dark age?